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The clever Agarwal brothers have come up with a replacement for Scrabulous. Wordscraper is now available on Facebook and it looks, at first sight, not unlike Scrabble/Scrabulous: a similar sort of board, albeit with circles instead of squares, letter tiles that you use to make words, albeit the letters don't have numbered scores attached to them. The circles on the board are labelled 2/3/4L or 2/3/4/W which evidently denotes the letter or word score. Apparently, you can configure these as you want at the start of the game. If you don't, I'm assuming the board generates a random pattern. This must explain why in one game I'm playing I'm on 14,000 points after two turns and in the other 500 after six.

Bloggers are saying that the game merely makes a few changes to the Scrabble template (to avoid legal action) but it seems like a much more radical reinvention than that. So far, I don't really get it. And I agree, the board hurts my eyes.