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....this is probably why.....

And if that is down too, then in brief, Harry's Place posted an interesting piece about neo-Nazi websites. An academic mentioned in the piece, Jenna Delich, took exception to a sentence in it that linked her with the website of David Duke, the neo-nazi ad former Ku Klux Klan leader. Harry's Place retorts that evidence for their claim is in the public domain. 

I trust Harry's Place's testimony, rather than that of Ms Delich, but in any case there is a point of principle. She is, or so it is alleged, trying to suppress the claim by pressuring the ISP that hosts Harry's Place to take the site down. This sort of thing happens a lot and is quite illegitimate. Aggrieved individuals should take up their complaint with site itself, rather than trying to close it down by a backdoor route.  It is reminiscent of the way some individuals used to go after Private Eye, by threatening to sue its distributors, such as WH Smith. It is usually an easy win, as the distributor or ISP has little incentive to fight the case.

Harry's Place was down earlier today, though it is currently available.