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Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian, has attracted a fair amount of comment for the generous salary he is paid, and for the £175,000 bonus he received at a time when his paper is, frankly, struggling. The suggestion is that he is becoming a bit grand, rather too much the sort of fat cat that his paper likes to criticise.

Now I notice that the Guardian is advertising for an 'assistant PA to the editor', Mr Rusbridger apparently requiring not one, but two, secretaries, a level of staffing that I have previously only observed in the chief executives of very large companies - and even then it looked rather like an ego-driven indulgence, rather than a necessity.


Anonymous said...

Cheap jibe - any hack knows the amount of crap that comes through an editor's office, and I bet the Guardian gets more than most. Wanna bet that kelner at the Indy has pretty good support as well??

simon said...

No idea about Kelner but on all the nationals I worked on, a single PA seemed to suffice. Equally, at reasonably large companies (1000 or so employees) that I'm familiar with,
chief execs have jut the one.

Anyway, doesn't the Guardian have a Readers' Editor to deal with the correspondence from the hoi polloi?