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I'm a journalist, ex-national papers, now working in what we call "new" media.

Martin Stabe links to Paul Bradshaw who reports that the NUJ is to investigate profits in the new-media sector, with a view to ensuring that journalists get a fair slice of the cake.

The money generated from internet advertising is going up in leaps and bounds. Yet, as Martin says, some publishers continue to plead that it is hard to make money out of the weband use this as an excuse to underpay journalists.

However, I think this is starting to change. Having spent the last few months recruiting web journalists, I've been struck by how few there are with experience and talent and how many businesses are pursuing them. I think this is going to start pushing salaries up quite sharply.

In print journalism it is precisely the opposite story. There is a massive oversupply of eager young graduates desperate for a job and employers are learning, even on national titles, that they can use this pool of talent to hold wages down.

If I was a young journalist looking for my first or second job, I'd certainly be looking online.


Martin said...

Don't give me too much credit. It was actually Paul Bradshaw who reported that on his blog. I just linked to it.

lost said...

Ah yes, you're quite right. I was confused by the fact that Paul's blog doesn't seem to identify him at all, being headed simply 'online blog' - I thought it was just another part of your site. I've amended the post

Paul Bradshaw said...

Thanks for the credit. I'm very interested in what you say about recruiting web journalists - can you drop me an email?

Paul Bradshaw said...

Sorry, here's my email

lost said...

Hi Paul, the link to your email doesn't seem to work