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Tory back-bencher Patrick Mercer speaks his brains on racism in the army. What's astonishing is how blithely unaware he was that 95 per cent of the population would find his words repugnant.

No doubt the Tories are knee-deep in spin doctors and media training but some things you simply can't change.

Update (1) commenter Daniel Pendike has taken umbrage at my 95% figure: having read some of the comment on blogs, messageboards about the Mercer case, I'm inclined to believe that he may be right

Update (2) A friend has pointed out to me that Patrick Mercer and I attended the same school, at around the same time, although he is older than I am. I don't remember him but there were a lot of self-confident posh boys there who joined the Officer Training Corps. I wonder if Col Mercer was among them?


Daniel Pendike said...

Hello??? 95% of the population find his words repugnant? The responses on BBC's forum suggest otherwise: http://tinyurl.com/2bu5qe

lost said...

It's a bit dangerous to extrapolate from the web world to the real one but having read comments, blogs and messageboards on this, I'm inclined to agree that 95% may have been a bit on the high side.

Anonymous said...

Searching on this on some span fashionable - i guess luck is more advanced than search engines