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I'm a journalist, ex-national papers, now working in what we call "new" media.

At an Australian media awards ceremony an (old, fat, pissed) newspaper columnist storms the stage and attacks a (young, urbane) online commentator. Almost too perfect a metaphor for the frustration and stress the paper press is experiencing these days. The journalist, an Aussie poloitical commentator, says he was suffering from a migraine and was taking medication.


Bill said...

Old, fat, pissed - and a dwarf.

I do not subscribe to the small men's syndrome, but out vertically challenged brothers should have a word with this bloke.

He's giving them a bad name, the arch typical stereotype of the little fella who can't get a root.

Glenn Milne, for that is of whom we speak, would stand on a box when doing to-camera pieces in his former incarnation as a tv reporter, a flabby version of an ageing jockey providing tips on the fifth at Parliament House.

Today he earns his living by picking through rubbish, having been tipped to its location by the mad right of the Liberal Party.

Like all bullies, Mr Milne has a glass jaw, the real reason for his biggus dickus drunken flail at Stephen Mayne.

I enjoyed it immensely.

It summed up the pomposity and slothfulness of the 'main stream' Australian media, a sodden, staggering lower case symbol of fools and popinjays.